Get Your Content Shared in 3 Simple Steps

Having your content shared significantly boosts the benefits content marketing and SEO provide your website. However, getting your content shared isn’t as easy as it sounds. After all, you’re leaving everything in the hands of your readers.

Fortunately, there are certain steps you can take to help increase the chances of your content being shared. The next time you write content, try taking these three steps:

Add Stunning Visuals

No one likes having to read long blocks of text. Add some spice to your content by including several pictures or a video. When presenting multiple statistics, try doing so by using a clever infographic.

Ask Them to Share

Sometimes, all it takes to get your content shared is to ask your readers to do so. A polite “if you enjoyed this, feel free to share this with family and friends who also share your interests” at the end of content should be more than enough encouragement. To make it easier for readers, consider adding social media buttons at the bottom of each post.

Schedule Posts Well

Posting links to your content on social media sites is a great way to increase the likelihood of it being shared. However, time your posts correctly; timing is often an overlooked factor. On Twitter, for example, researchers claim that the best time to send out a tweet is around 5PM.


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