Bolstering a Garage Kit Maker’s Visibility

Resin garage kits like those from Kow Yokoyama’s iconic sci-fi franchise Maschinen Krieger or Ma.K, are a serious challenge to build and paint, but the results are worth it if you took your time. If you’re into garage kit production (whether it’s from Ma.K or any other line) as another income-generator and want to show people more of your wares online, you may need search engine optimization (SEO) to get your name out there.

Search engine optimization or SEO is about fixing your store’s website to help search engines grade it at higher rankings. There are a number of key elements to make SEO services in Tampa work for you.

First, make sure your URL domain is the most appropriate name for your garage kit outfit. Say if your business was allowed garage kit production rights by Yokoyama and it goes by the name John’s Ma.K Store, the URL can read like The links in the website must have that as the prime domain; if you used only, it must redirect to the other domain.

Search engines are also good at identifying well-written content, so you must take the time to write about your products. Add pictures that best highlight the product’s features, but make sure they are of moderate resolution to make the product page load quickly. Keywords for the product are also needed in both the content and the product page URL.


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