SEO Analytics: Conversions are the Cherries on Top

Moz’s 2014 Industry Survey ranked analytics as the top marketing activity in the SEO industry, followed by content marketing, keyword research, social media marketing, and brand strategy. In fact, among the three types of SEO providers (in-house, agency, and independent), analytics all but dominated their SEO activity.


It’s natural for people to check their handiwork, from writing a report to gauging how effective their ad campaign is. If they think they can do better, they’ll adjust their strategy. The same applies to SEO marketing approaches; reviewing analytics helps businesses adjust their strategies to produce more compelling results. It involves a series of tweaks, periodic and cyclical.


So what exactly should you look for in analytics? Although SEO has the common distinction of improving rankings, Moz’s survey tells a different story. Conversions were top priority as far as metrics are concerned—with rankings at fifth. It may as well be the definitive trait of a marketing strategy. Your website can draw in higher traffic, but it would be useless with low conversion rates.


Overall, when drawing up a marketing strategy, it’s not enough that people see your website on the first page. It’s equally important, maybe even more, to convert incoming traffic into revenue. A successful transaction is always the mark of a good marketing strategy.


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