Simple, Non-Technical Ways to Boost SEO

Some business owners think that in improving the SEO techniques on their website, they will need to brush up on their online marketing skills and technical and computer know-how. The reality is, there are also easier, non-technical strategies that you can implement to improve upon the results you are currently achieving with your SEO efforts to win over even more of your target audience.

Specific Keywords and Length of Content

On every page of your website, ensure that there is a specific keyword that best describes that page. This is important when the search engines crawl for information to index your site according to what they find. Google likes to ensure that no two pages contain the exact same content within the website. Also make sure that your content is at least 500 words long, with quality content that users will actually find useful.

Writing your Content

You might need to tailor your content to fit the context of the desired keywords, but this doesn’t mean that it should be robotic and awkward. Instead, try to insert your keywords within the rest of the content in a way that seems natural and coherent; after all, you’re writing to people, so write as though you’re talking to them and offering them what you think they need.

Good URLs

If you’re using WordPress, you have the option to change the URL of your post, so instead of having a URL with a bunch of random numbers, a URL containing the main topic of the post looks more appealing.


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