Create Online Ads That Get Clicked At First Glance

The reality of the marketing world is simple: No Traffic = No Views = No Revenues. No matter how good your site’s content is, if it doesn’t generate clicks, then much of your efforts are useless. In today’s highly digital world where information and ads flood the Internet, you need to find ways to edge your way against the competition by getting your website to instantly attract your target audience, and once you have their attention, to use your marketing resources to hold their interest. Here are some tips to increase your chances of getting clicks at first glance.


Title: If you want your ads to get clicks, create a good title first. Make sure that your title conveys the gist of your content, but phrased in a way that would inspire curiosity. Here’s an example: “How to Keep Your Business Growing During a Financial Crisis”. This title is direct, to the point, and promptly piques the interest of the readers.

Make It Stand Out: Sometimes your ads will appear only as a link in another site. It may be a small ad, but the trick is to make that almost invisible link stand out in a sea of text and other images. Simple tricks like printing the title in capital letters, or adding special characters like an exclamation point, a percent or dollar sign, wherever applicable.


Picture: Images are powerful tools. If there are pictures, make sure that they’re appropriate and eye-catching. A splash of color or a hint of mystery will make people want to click to see the larger context of the picture and its story.


Remember, it pays to be patient. Even professional marketing strategists try out different elements in combination until they get it right.


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