Making Your Tumblr Blog Reap Better Visibility

Tumblr is one of many social media channels that people use to connect with each other. With over 138 million blogs and a staggering 62 billion posts, the site is clearly one of the most popular outlets out there. Based on these numbers, more than a way to socialize, Tumblr can clearly be used as a marketing tool, and many businesses have started to realize this fact. Here’s how you can maximize Tumblr’s use for your marketing efforts:

Coding and Optimization

A Tumblr blog post, like any other blogging platform, needs HTML coding to help search engine probes sift through them for proper rankings. First, check your settings and make sure the ‘Allow search engines to index your tumblelog’ and ‘Ping the Blogosphere’ options are both ticked. Then make sure to use H1 tags for the title with H2 and H3 for any subheadings.


Hashtags have gone a long way since Twitter started using them years ago and they’ve become a very useful search tool on Tumblr pages themselves. Make it a point to use the most relevant hashtags that describe the blog post, as Tumblr users tend to use hashtags to find blog content they’re interested in.


Each blog post must have social media sharing options. Your analytics will keep track of how many times it has been shared and the traffic it generated.


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